Politics and the Faith

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

As close as it is to the upcoming November election, it’s fitting to talk about how important it is to separate Politics and Faith. I know that it’s kind of a touchy subject, but it’s important because Politics and Faith are not compatible, as I have learned over the years. When people combine the two, it’s usually a recipe for heated arguments, even among the bestest of friends.

What I have discovered is that in order to talk about Politics and Faith in the same sentence, it’s important to have mutual respect for the subjects above to actually not carry the baggage in discussing it. I know because I have actually argued to friends about the subjects of Politics and Faith. Indeed, people do take these things seriously. I had one friend storm out of the room in anger when he could no longer argue since my knowledge of the subjects were far superior than his own. He took it personally. I think that’s wrong. We all have views and it’s also important to respect the views of others.


Holy Week

The moments leading to Jesus’ crucifixion must’ve been truly terrifying for his disciples. The greatest mystery is how these frightened men suddenly developed the courage to announce and proclaim that Jesus has risen.

Something must’ve happened to transform that fear into great strength. All we know is that Christianity spread in a rapid rate, and, it all began with a preacher’s arrival in Jerusalem that led to his crucifixion.

Merry Early Christmas

December 13, 2011 1 comment

I would like to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas. I would like you to know, my great readers that I am doing well. As a scholar, I haven’t done much, since I am pursuing a different path in life.

God, I know understands my decision to pursue a different path.

I would also like to thank those who continued to support me during my inactivity periods in this blog.

Why people misread the bible

I would like to answer this question over a blog, but it’s better if I share the video clip I found in youtube.

Dear Readers

I do apologize for the long absence.

I have been writing my first mystery novel for the last couple of months while trying to find a job. I have been training for my new job for the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience. And I hope to answer your questions soon.

God Bless.

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Dear Readers:

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I do regret to say that I won’t be blogging as much as I used to. Times have been a bit uncertain for me lately and I haven’t had much time to do some research on the important topics in the world of biblical studies. As of this moment, I haven’t been able to afford going back to college to achieve my dream of becoming an archaeologist. But, I’m hopeful that things could change.

If my situation changes, I’ll come back and write more entries in this blog.

Thank you for the readership and the caring.

The Da Vinci Code Conversation

December 6, 2010 1 comment

I can’t believe just how fast this year has gone. It’s almost Christmas and then New Year.

The reason why I wanted to write today was the fact that I recently just had a conversation with a woman who had just read “The Da Vinci Code” for the first time. She had seen the movie before but just decided to read the book just for the sheer thrill of filling her day with some kind of excitement, so she decided to read the book authored by Dan Brown.

I had met the woman in a coffee shop. I couldn’t help but walk up to her and ask her whether she liked the book. As a writer, I felt the need to ask, but that’s just human nature, I guess.

The conversation centered around the debate whether Jesus was actually married to Mary Magdalene or not. After being 2/3 away from finishing the book, the nice woman in here 30’s was convinced that Mary Magdalene and Jesus was actually married and that many of the things in the book were facts.

I was not in the mood to argue, so I basically shrugged it off. I felt that if I argued with her, I would probably ruin her reading experience. But, there’s a point that I’d like to make with the experience. I think these days, too many people are swooped in the realm of confusing distinction between fact or fiction. It’s amazing how many fictional things are being passed as facts. It’s just the world that we live in these days.

The claim that Jesus was married can’t be proven; however, the source for the stories of Jesus, the New Testament, said nothing about this. If Jesus was indeed married, the Gospel writers would have had no reason to hide it. Why would they? Being married was expected in a man, and, if Jesus was married, the Gospel writers would’ve mentioned it in the New Testament.

Gnostic Gospels are the source for the claim that Jesus and Mary were married. According the the Gospel of Philip, a line says:

Jesus kissed Mary on the ________________. There’s a hole on the missing word. It’s understandable how many people can use their imagination to fill in the blanks, but as serious scholars, we can’t do that. The Gospel of Philip is a work in a much later period. It can’t be passed as factual unlike the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because the gap between the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the Gnostic Jesus is far too large.